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Amul MasterChef India, Season 3 – Review


To start off – I love cooking! More than actual cooking, I love watching cookery related shows and reading about the art.

My latest dig is Amul Masterchef India – Season 3.

12 Contestants – 3 handsome chefs as judges, and amazing rounds of cooking,inventing, presenting new recipes! Its a one stop place to learn minute details & fineness of cooking various cuisines.

Judges : Sanjeev Kapoor, Vikas Khanna, and Kunal Kapoor are doing an exceptional job! They are the best in their field, and command respect! Funny how best chefs of the country are Punjabis. Actually thats not funny at all, Punjabi’s are known for their love for food,and these 3 judges have lived upto it!

MasterChef India, Judges.

Contestants : 12 finalists this year,truly deserve to be the finalists! They have so much knowledge about various food cooking techniques, they cook with their heart and soul, and basically you can figure out from their body language, that they have worked hard to enhance their skills to be a part of this esteemed journey.

Format : The show is aired on Star Plus,all weekdays at 8:00 – 8:30 PM. Challenges are set by the judges at the start of the week, contestants work through it, and 1 contestant is eliminated by the end of the week.

Few of my favorite contestants are:
Khoku Patra ,
for fighting all ordeals to reach this stage and cooking with all her heart. People like her make us realize that even in simple meager circumstances, love for what you do can make you reach heights. Her innocence,simplicity and knowledge of various taste combinations make her standout everytime she digs into her world of imagination and whips up a new dish.

Ripudaman Handa, for his cute looks 😉 , his style of cooking,and how he uses simple recipes and gives them a good twist to create a new dish. Example being his Marathi style Pizza – with Thalipeeth crust,topped with all tastes that a marathi cuisine carries.

Yasmin Sheikh, I strongly feel she is learning with each episode and is a strong contender for the title. She has the basics right in place,and learning from her mistakes is the best she can do at the moment.

For people who love cooking, Masterchef India is a great place to learn fine tips and tricks of cooking. There is so much to learn, so much energy & love with which people cook that can be absorbed! Judges give simple daily use tips. Food not only should taste great, but should look great and appetizing : and thats the basis of cooking great food, and making people happy!

On a completely different topic, Happy Gudi Padwa, Ugadi, Baisakhi & Bihu. 11 April marked the start of Hindu New year, and I celebrated over a delicious meal of Pooran Poli & Katachi Aamti. Google these dishes to know more 🙂



Author: Abhilasha

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4 thoughts on “Amul MasterChef India, Season 3 – Review

  1. Hello this is very cheating program. Y u people made Nisha aunty to give test fir 4 times. Very bad program. Very disappointed

  2. Doyal doesn’t deserve to be finalist. Nisha Ji deserved to be in the Final. Don’t know what the judges sees in Doyal. She is just a cheater cock.

  3. I feel that it was not fair for a competant to be tested for 4 times to reach the finals, I felt that the decisions and the rules made were bogus n not fair, Nisha really deserved it to be in the finals.

  4. first of all, we share the same name. I love master chef format and I follow every season of this show, whether its master chef India, Us or australiya. my only problem with the show this time is that I feel this season is lot more dramatic and stresses less on individual cooking invention. It tries to focus on each contestant’s feelings, crying laughing or competing, rather on their cooking. I liked the earlier format, when there was one elimination per episode, instead of a week long exercise of small competitions. Even the twists and turns in the show can be expected ahead.

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